allow us to introduce ourselves…

Patrick Horsley

Hmmmm, where do I start?  I have been in the construction business it seems for my entire life.  My father was a home builder and ever since I was born he had me on the job site.  I’ll never forget when he had me cleanup and sweep the homes I would never do it exactly the way he would of done it.  Back then it was annoying, today I see that he was showing me how to do it right (not “half-ass” it as he would always say).  I use all the tools (pun intended) he gave me along the way, as well as a few new tricks, to bring to reality each one of our clients wishes and dreams.

Kathryn Horsley

Since I was a little girl I have always had a passion for design and fashion.  As a toddler I would not go anywhere without my handbag or a big bow in my hair.  Throughout the years I have evolved and become more and more passionate with interior and exterior design. My love of fashion is still in my heart but I have taken what I know about fringe and patterns and have applied that to the elements of personal space.  Mixing and matching styles and themes is what I live for.  As i get a chance to work with you I am able to pin point the details you love and create storyboards of inspiration.  We will start by finding pieces that you love and work from your interests to create the masterpiece of your dreams.

and last but not least…

Cole Horsley

Since he can’t talk yet we will have to take over for him on this one… Cole has changed our lives.  He has given us a reason to get up in the morning with an extra jolt of energy, excited to see what the day will bring (he also wakes us up earlier, but we wont rag on him too much).  You know how most babies cling to a stuffed animal or blanket?  Well not our son.  His favorite toy is a wooden hammer.  He has learned to control it a little bit, but boy did it hurt when he would just swing it around.  Who knows he may just want to grow up just like mom and dad!!